Our schools shape our community

Howard County is redrawing school district boundaries-
you can speak up for equitable redistricting that values all children.

Mark your calendar for these important dates:

1. Testify before the Board of Ed in support of equitable redistricting on September 17th, 24th and 26th-Public BOE hearings to give input.

2. Support County Council members Christiana Rigby, Opel Jones and Deb Jung who together are calling on HCPSS to desegregate schools.  Read their resolution.
After the resolution is introduced on September 3rd, Sign-up to give supportive testimony at the September 16th County Council hearing by visiting This link becomes active on September 4.

or submit your testimony electronically by emailing

Don't forget the Education Forum on September 4th, Miller Library.  It starts at 6:30 but we urge you to get there by 6 as a large turnout is expected.  If you are unable to make it, we are planning to live stream on the IndivisbleHoCoMD Public Page on Facebook.

September 12th, 7:30 - 11:00 PM

Glory Days Grill, 10035 Baltimore Nat'l Pike, Ellicott City


Thank you to all who responded to our mid-week email by helping us to gain info about your preferences and voting districts for next year.  Those who haven't gotten to it, here is the link:
The Nation had an article this week that goes into how Indivisible National and Indivisible local groups formed.  The short answer is that it formed both from the top and from the grass roots level simultaneously.  Take a look, it should help to plan how we go forward into 2020.

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